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      Any kind of machinery products in use process we must in accordance with the normal way of operation, so as to ensure the machine working normally and our own safety, normal operation is quite important for copper platoon processing machine operators, can also extend the service life of copper platoon processing machine.
      Copper platoon processing machine
      First of all, the operation personnel to operate according to the copper platoon processing machine operation manual, shall not violate compasses operation personnel, equipment damage, damage, copper platoon processing machine mold and accessories to keep intact. Familiar with the structure of the machine, the performance and operation method.
      Second, installation, debugging, or remove the molds, must be familiar with the machine's personnel shall be carried out in accordance with the prescribed procedures. When the machine start, do not handle or part of the body in between the upper and lower mold, so as to avoid an accident.
      Finally, should be regularly check the blade and die sharp edge, the found a dull edge, should be timely sharpening or replacement. Keep the oil clean a few oil unobstructed, add lubricant to each unit in the moving parts in each shift. Must ensure that the flexible motion and position of electric and hydraulic components, correct found abnormal phenomenon must immediately stop check. Don't work button, shut off the unit to shut off the power switch on the panel.