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      Busbar processing machine mainly correspond fluctuation pressure switch cabinet, transformer manufacturing industry, used for processing various types of copper, aluminum bus bar. On the corresponding processing units, users only need to stop the bus rushed, shears, folding processing, consumption of high efficiency. Electrical cabinets regularly clean up dust, insist on clean, usable blowing or erased. Always pay attention to and we can ensure the screw locking of the cohesion, cohesion of the items constituting the terminal can lock, in order to avoid poor contact, produce misoperation or problems. Ensure that the curvature of the cable to prevent wire broken.
      Cut unit adopts the general double pole type 1, cut, cut the mouth level off, without burr.
      2、沖孔單位采用搞精度五臂沖孔模架,延長了模具的運用壽命。使用視野愈加明晰, 母線加工機運用愈加便當快捷,無需改換模具消費效率明顯高于傳統沖孔單位。
      2, punching unit adopts precision punching die set five arms, extend the service life of the mold use. Using vision clearer, busbar processing machine use more quick lunch, don't need to change mould consumption efficiency is significantly higher than the traditional punching units.
      3、掛勾式敞開折彎工位 使用簡雙方便 可加工特殊回形 小折彎、壓花、立彎等。
      3, open hook type bending location Both sides will use Jane Machinable special back into shape Small bending, embossing, bending, etc.
      4, bending unit adopts horizontal machining, the machining more peace when lunch.
      5, three of the machine working station can work at the same time, mutual influence, greatly improved work efficiency.
      6, each processing unit of the working stroke are local control, reduce the processing time, advance consumption efficiency.
      7, the hydraulic oil tank is made of thick steel plate welding, and the phosphating treatment, make the hydraulic oil used for a long time will not change.
      8, hydraulic hose used gb type A cohesive ties, durable and lunch service.
      9 will be castor, busbar processing machine, move to lunch